Child-specific indicators

What does poverty look like for children? This year new data is available on material things that children are lacking, or opportunities that they miss out on. The quintiles each represent 20% of New Zealand children aged 6-17 year olds.

Percentages for each item show the proportion of children who lack these items in each quintile.


Quintile 1 represents the 20% of children in households with the lowest material living standards and quintile 5 represents children in households with the highest material living standards

Source: Child Poverty Monitor: Technical Report 2017

Full list of items

% of children lacking these items
Quintile 1 Quintile 2
42% lacked 2 or more items
28% lacked 3 or more;
19% lacked 4 or more.
18% lacked 2 or more items
13% lacked 3 or more
7% lacked 4 or more.